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Inmate Property Release

Inmates must release all personal property when requesting a property
release.  It is not possible to release only selected items.  The inmate can
release their property to anyone they choose.  The location of the
property to be picked up is provided by the inmate and will generally
occur at either 4th Avenue Jail or Lower Buckeye Jail.  

The person picking up the property will need to provide a valid
government issued picture identification card.  An Immigration card
presented with a MVD card is acceptable.  

Prior to the inmates transfer to Department of Corrections (DOC),
inmates are encouraged to fill out a DOC Release Form which allows
property items to be released to anyone that comes in and asks for it, or
they may list a specific person for it to be released to.

If inmate's property is not picked up after Ten Days of their transfer to
DOC, then the property is sent for destruction.  

Inmates can release all the money in an inmate account without
approval up to 72 hours after booking.  Requests for a money release
after 72 hours in custody must be approved by the Jail Commander.  
Information as provided by Maricopa County Sheriff's Department and should not be considered legal advice.