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Work Furlough
A program that allows qualified, sentenced inmates to work in the
community during certain hours, while still serving their court-ordered
sentence. Adult Probation acts as the Work Furlough Administrator for
Maricopa County and is responsible for determining the eligibility
requirements and criteria for acceptance into the program. In addition,
Adult Probation selects the inmates who meet the program criteria and
monitors their participation in the program.

Once accepted, inmates must abide by all rules established by Adult
Probation and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Any inmate found
to be in violation of these rules may be removed from the program by
detention personnel or his or her probation officer. The Work Furlough
program is run by the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department. If
an inmate has questions about his or her work days or work hours, he
or she must contact the assigned Probation Officer. The Maricopa
County Sheriff’s Office cannot adjust work days or hours.

Acceptable Items:
Prescription eyeglasses, one (1) jacket or sweater, one (1) plastic
flashlight (C-size batteries maximum), one (1) watch, one (1) wedding
ring, one (1) wallet with driver’s license or identification card, one (1)
paperback book or magazine, one (1) non-electric clock, prescription
medication, five (5) sets of clothing, two (2) pair of shoes, two (2) towels,
up to $40 in cash (smalls bills recommended).

Any item not on these lists is considered contraband and will not be
accepted at Con-Tents.

Con-Tents has limited vending machines, showers facilities, and
laundry machines. You may bring in contact lenses, but must buy the
solution from facility vending machines. Combination padlocks may be
purchased from the facility vending machines for bunk drawers. You
can not bring in an outside padlock.

Cell phones are not allowed and will be impounded. Jackets or sweaters
can not have hoods. Towels, clocks, flashlights, and books or magazines
will remain at the facility during release times.

All of the following clothing items are unauthorized:
Sleeveless shirts
Tank tops
Tube tops
Low cut shorts
Bathing suits
Shirts exposing the stomach
Clothing with unacceptable language or gang affiliations printed on it
See-through clothing
Flip flops (shoes)
Steel-toed boots

Removal From Program:
The Inmate Rules and Regulations prohibit the use of drugs or alcohol
within the jail environment; Rules Violation(s) 028: Being Intoxicated,
and 032: Refusing to Submit to Any Drug Test, Failure to Produce a
Sample, or Having Positive Test Results.

If you are sentenced to Work Release or Work Furlough and you report
to the jail with alcohol or drugs in your system you will be accepted into
the jail, issued a disciplinary action report for violation of the inmate
rules, and placed into full-custody for the duration of your sentence.
You will not be eligible for either Work Release or Work Furlough and
the sentencing court will be notified.
Information as provided by Maricopa County Sheriff's Department and should not be considered legal advice.