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Getting Medical Care In Custody

Individuals who are arrested that are currently under a doctor's
care and are taking prescribed medications need to advise the
staff upon initial booking of the types and dosages of
medications, such as insulin and blood pressure medication.  

Medication from home or purchased outside of the jail will not
be accepted in the facility for the inmate to consume.  

If an inmate develops a health issue while incarcerated, they
need to ask the Detention Officer (DO) for a Medical Request
Form as soon as the problem develops because it often takes up
to days time before the request is addressed by medical staff.  

If you feel your incarcerated loved one is not receiving adequate
medical attention from a Maricopa County Jail, please inform
their attorney immediately so that they may address the issue
and you may also call the jail's Medical Liaison at 602-876-7110.  

Please see the Self Surrender, Work Release, and Work
Furlough information pages of this website for more
information regarding medication for persons in those
Information as provided by Maricopa County Sheriff's Department and should not be considered legal advice.