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Law Offices of
Stephanie Lee Ehrbright, Esq.
Lower Buckeye Jail
(aka "LBJ")

Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: (602) 876-1236

The Lower Buckeye Jail was opened in April 2005 and is the largest detention facility in Arizona.
Its design is based on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “no frills” philosophy. The Facility currently houses all
classifications of inmates, and includes separate housing for juvenile inmates (who are remanded
on adult charges) and various types of special management inmates.

The housing units were designed to minimize inmate movement by providing needs (such as
medical, education, visitation, religious services and various rehabilitation programs) within the
inmate’s assigned housing unit, thus practically eliminating routine inmate movement. Along
with safety and security, employee needs were also a priority in the design. Conference and
training rooms were added to provide quality training. Break-room areas and an exercise facility
with male and female locker rooms are available for employee use. Many innovative tools were
designed and utilized to make operations more streamlined and to increase security. A few of
these tools include Video Visitation, Nice Vision Recording, Touch Screen Controls, and the Iris

Basic Statistics
604,743 sq. ft. within the facility
2,856 rooms
1,121 cells
2,440 inmate capacity
661 security & surveillance Cameras
166 Video Visitation Screens
44 Touch Screen Controls
4,048 keys to operate 60 various locks
11 Elevators - 9 passenger and 2 freight
918 full-functioning sliding pneumatic doors for security
262 inmate telephones and 44 TDD jacks for use with TDD machines
355 Detention Officers and 20 certified ICE Officers required to staff the facility
63 visitor video visitation booths
268 total inmate capacity Psychiatric Unit
Medical Clinic
60 Total inmate capacity Infirmary
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