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Posting Bond

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office accepts Bonds only on cases or
charges within the Maricopa County judicial jurisdiction.  Bonds
may be paid at the Lower Buckeye Jail or 4th Avenue Jail.  After
bond is paid, it may take up to 48 hours for the inmate to be

If an inmate has an Immigration Hold or a hold from any other law
enforcement agency (including Probation and Parole), then paying
their bond will not result in their release.  

inmate's full legal name, date of birth, and booking number when
Call the Inmate Information Line at 602-876-0322 and provide the
possible to find out in detail what holds a person incarcerated in
Call the Inmate Information Line at 602-876-0322 and provide the
Maricopa County has.  

Once a bond payment is accepted, NO REFUNDS, will be given.  
Any financial transactions over $10,000 will require you to provide
your social security number or your transaction will not be

The Sheriff's Office does not accept any US currency bills above the
$50 amount.  

When posting bond, if the Inmate has a "cash only" bond then the
entire amount must be posted.  For example, if the Inmate has a
$10,000 cash only bond then $10,000 must be posted before they will
be released.  

If the Inmate has a "secured" bond, then the amount may be paid
directly to the jail in full or a bondsman may be used.  If the bond is
paid in full to the jail then after the Inmate's case is over the full
amount will be returned.  

Typically, a bondsman will accept 10% of the total amount down in
cash and then hold collateral worth the remaining amount.  They
will then post the bond for the Inmate.  However, when the
Inmate's case is completed the person who posted the bond will get
their collateral back, but the bondsman will keep the 10% that was
paid to them as their fee for doing it.  

For example, if the Inmate has a $10,000 secured bond then most
bondsmen will take $1,000 in cash and $9,000 worth of collateral
(house title, vehicle title, etc).  When the Inmate's case is completed,
the bondsman would return the collateral, but keep the $1,000 as
their fee.  

Some bondsmen also require additional safeguards such as
electronic monitoring or daily check-ins.  Individual bond
companies should be contacted for specific details because each
case is unique and different companies have different requirements.
Information as provided by Maricopa County Sheriff's Department and should not be considered legal advice.